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CNC Lathe Cum Production Trainer

Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.is Leading Manufacturers of CNC Lathe Production Cum Lathe Trainer.

Our Features

CNC Lathe Trainer


Brand: Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Detailed Description
Features :

Rugged Machine with Ground Bed.

• 8 Station Programmable Turret.

• Industrial Motion Controller.

• Latest Technological Platform for Software.

• Interactive CNC Part Programming Software.

• 3D Material Removal Simulation.

• STK Import / Export Facility.

• Innovative live View on Screen

• Customizable Tool Library

• Customizable STK Design.

• MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) .

• FMS & CIM Compatibility.

Model VLM-T- 125
Center Height 125 mm
Swing Over Carriage 110 mm
Distance Between Center 400 mm
Max. Machining Diameter 80 mm
Max. Longitudinal Travel 400 mm
Spindle Inside Taper MT2
Spindle Speed (with Back Gear) 40 to 2000 RPM
Cross Slide Inclination 0 Degrees
Standard Cutting Tool Size 16 x 16 mm
Spindle Motor DC Motor, 2 HP
Thread Cutting Straight / Taper
Automatic Lubrication Points Provided
Input System Metric / Inch
Control Axis Simultaneous axis
Interpolation Linear, Circular, Parabolic & Elliptical
Minimum Increment 0.005 mm
Minimum Movement Command X 0.005 mm
Minimum Movement Command Z 0.005 mm
Repetability + 0.020 mm
Feed Rate X & Z 500 mm/min
Rapid feed rate Z 1000 mm/mm
Programmable Dwell (seconds) Programmable
Tool Offset with Turret 8 nos.
Backlash Compensation Provided
Speed Over Ride 40%- 160%
Feed Over Ride 20%- 120%
Type Of Control System PC Based System
Real Time Tool Path Simulation Provided
General Parameters
Floor Area Aprx. 2000 mm x 900 mm x 1600 mm
Weight 800 kg (approx.)