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Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Begun in 1997 as V-Ramp Systems, the company introduced a series of advanced learning equipments for technical education institutions. The overwhelming acceptance of the products prompted the company to form in 2000 the B. J. Engineering Company that would exclusively cater to Defense Department clients and other industrial clients. Ultimately, the group merged to form the Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. in 2007.Today, this merged entity competes nationally through a key strategy of value pricing, increasing product performance, and abler service levels that go to enhance the brand-building process.

Lending support to its overall initiatives is the strong team of engineers engaged in innovation engineering. This Research & Development team is the heart of Sinewave and is constantly working on innovative products, new applications, and more reliable performance.

Company Mission

The mission of Sinewave is to offer all users true value for their equipments investment by a combination of factors such as value engineering, active service support, and superior performance consistency.

As true professionals, the engineers in Sinewave constantly work on devising efficient manufacturing processes or interphase with clients and customers to obtain feedback and further improve product and service quality.The turn of the new millennium has revolutionized the educational scenario in India. The wide range of computerized products in its stable has made "Sinewave" the preferred source for equipments in the field of technical education.

Quality Consciousness

Each product coming out of Sinewave exemplifies top quality and best performance. Engineering colleges of repute in India vouch not only for the accuracy of the lab equipments but also for its consistency of performance. In addition, Sinewave provides support pro-actively; through a dedicated to Quality output team of engineers.

Manufacturing Facilities

The facilities are state-of-art and the equipments represent the most recent in technology. With impeccable manufacturing credentials, advanced testing equipments and an approach devoted towards Total Quality Management and professionals who are totally dedicated, Sinewave is able to manufacture equipments that are world-class at prices India can afford, to Create Next-Generation Engineers.